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October 3, 2021 - October 6, 2021


Resorts World Las Vegas offers unprecedented technology and innovation to showcase your brand, engage your attendees, and enhance your meeting. Our space is built using the latest sound-dampening and secure space technology, fully integrated LED signage, and dynamic wayfinding that will allow for streamlined attendee flow from elevator to meeting rooms. In addition, we are using the latest advancements in keyless access, our digital concierge, "Red," and one-stop engagement with your conference service team. 

technology Categories

West Tower Screen

100,000-square-foot LED screen (one of the nation's largest) dedicated to provided immersive content, entertainment and a visual showcase for your event, company, or product launch.

Interactive Technology

The meeting areas have richly integrated LED content including interactive walls and details about your event, schedule, or promotions.

Beyond AV

The audiovisual services team goes beyond the expected, and delivers the latest in on-demand technology, wireless connectivity, and streaming solutions for mixed virtual meetings. 

Audio Customization

 The audio team can fully customize your event requirements at the studio level, including  personalized tracks and voice over.

Content Creation

From integrated video support, formatting, and editing, to fully customized content for the massive video globe, the team is fully prepared to create and curate the perfect event.

Technology Management

A centralized technology management hub can be established, ensuring that your event, banquet, or private meeting maintains the highest quality output and optimal security and privacy.

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